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Thread: Position estimation

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    Position estimation

    Hi there, first of all, nice app. Just a question, are you using any position estimation method (like sensor fusion) or the position (and consequently the lap times) are based only in the gps?

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    Position and lap times are based entirely on GPS. With the level of precision that we desire here, trying to do sensor fusion using such a wide variety of hardware can be a bit problematic. Could be a different story if we were to provide consistent hardware sensors that would be used for that, but there aren't many guarantees with phone hardware. We've also found modern GPS units to work quite well themselves (when combined with good reception conditions), and our algorithms can calculate lap times far more precise than the sample rate of the GPS itself. The main desire for increased GPS sampling rates would be for very fine driving line analysis... 10 Hz works nicely and is recommended, but 20 or more could be a bit prettier/smoother.