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Thread: 2009 Crown Victoria P71 2v to 4v swap

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    2009 Crown Victoria P71 2v to 4v swap

    I have a 2009 Crown Victoria retired police car that I swapped a 4.6 DOHC engine into that came out of a 2005 Lincoln Aviator. I am using all of the Crown Victoria sensors, computer, injectors, throttle body, etc. I am having issues with the engine flooding during cranking, but I am making headway with that, but my biggest concern is the engine seems to be starving for fuel under a medium and heavy load as the engine bogs down and the computer starts dumping fuel in like crazy. I have been playing with this thing for weeks now and can't figure out what I am missing. The car does fine with slow acceleration and cruising, hills are nearly impossible to climb without a running start. Any help on what I need to do to change the fueling on this car will be greatly appreciated.
    The tune file is here. 2009 Crown Vic Police 1.hpt
    The scanner data is here. mid load bog.hpl
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    Make sure you check for vacuum leaks and ensure everything is hooked up properly. Try this file and see if it runs any better. If the CVPI injectors, PCM, and sensors were used it should run pretty good. Data log your hard pulls to see why the PCM may be dumping fuel or pulling timing.
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