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Thread: 96 Jimmy 411 ECU questions

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    96 Jimmy 411 ECU questions

    I have been scanning the web trying to absorb the required info. Not quite there yet.

    My 1996 Jimmy 4wd 4L60E is all stock.

    I want to update the ECU to the 411 unit. I have the ecu, and connector pigtails. I have access to HP tuners hardware.

    I want to do this for educational benefit and hope to benefit from the features of the next gen system.

    I have some initial concerns maybe someone can clear up.

    This person "LexTech" individual with pinout conversions spreadsheets I'm not sure how to reach. Most threads go back to 2017. Anyone have these files particularly for my application?

    I saw mention of a difference in egr control wiring with 1996. Mis-wiring leads to rough running according to some. Any tech details?

    Also something about wideband O2 input on EGR delete where the I/O get repurposed? <--awesome sauce.

    I think with some work I could sort out the pins manually via ALLDATA resources.

    What will my process flow be for using hptuner credits? Such as VIN registration with hptuners, VIN migration to new ecu etc.
    (100% green on hptuners)

    Which OS # should I be using? How do I get it?

    Mostly seeing tunes for V8 engines. I presume a safe base tune is available for my stocker 4.3?

    I have interest in the 411 transmission control functions. Can I obtain a button activated tow mode?

    Often pull a trailer. Black box is too soft of control to line pressure, shift points, etc.

    This is my daily, I'm a independent shop tech in Georgia, US.

    Capable of this job with the details but how likely am I to do this one day after putting in 10hrs of wrenching? A weekend?

    Beyond that I need another ride. No time for unexpected outcomes No pressure right?

    I'm sure there is something important I didn't ask, please fill me in. Thank you all.

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    Pm me for lextech email
    97 ext cab short bed silverado 5.7 411 swap, edelbrock 29135 intake, factory unported 906 heads milled .035 thou. factory press in rocker studs & rockers, comp 787 retainers & stock locks, ls6 springs. Comp cams 08-503-8 4l80e swap & Fti 3800 hard hit stall.

    86 SWB chevy crate vortec engine from scoggin dickey Chevrolet, mild unknown cam The wife's truck

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    I have a 97 black box I can’t get support for jet dst, but I want to swap 0411 in do you have the pin out? I have hp tuners and know there is a lot more support for something like this.
    Thanks in advance for any help.