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Thread: 2004/5 Dodge ECM Replacement

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    2004/5 Dodge ECM Replacement


    Looks like i have to change the ECM on the engine, Customer supplied a used, known working ECM. Do i need to change the VIN to get it to work or is it plug and play? And if i need to, can i do it with HP?


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    VIN needs to be changed in the ?new? ecm to match that of the old ecm. Not sure with HP Tuners but I do know with Smarty you need a recovery file to apply a VIN change to the ecm. Same goes with calibration change for going from manual trans to auto trans and vise versa.

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    HPTuners is not capable. You will have to use a smarty recovery file, have someone bench flash it, or find someone local to you that is handy with genuine cummins software that can change it in chassis for you.

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    Other option is dealership or someone with a pass through device and software like the witech or drew tech