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Thread: HP Tuners in Las Vegas, NV

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    HP Tuners in Las Vegas, NV

    Hello, posting this to try and stir up info about HP Tuners in LV. Took my 90 corvette to HPT, after chatting with Frankie over there about my car and problems Ive got (90 L98 with edlebrock heads, comp cam, ported and polished intake and runners and Hooker long tube headers). Frankie over there said "no problem, we have a bunch of bin files for your c4". Gave them as much time as they wanted, and after 3 weeks of having it I was told to come pick it up. Now during the three weeks, Frankie had mentioned "the chip is too small to handle all the info" Which is BS because I had burned the chip (even though it wasn't right but it got the car there)and their programmer, Gil had told me it was the same chip. He also told me "this is a lot of work and I usually charge 1k instead of the $700 for normal dyno and tuning". Which I told him as long as it is right thats ok. So he told me to be there at 5:30 on a Friday night to get the car. I arrived at 5:15 and Gil was working on it. So after 3.5 hrs of waiting for Gil to finish (Gil by the way is a great guy, knows his stuff) Gil took it for a test drive and it seemed great. Driving it home though I found some problems in drivability. The car hesitates and stumbles. So when I got home I emailed Frankie and told him of my problems. No response. Now its Wednesday of the following week, ive emailed and called but no response. I would have driven by but they are real far from my home. An d when I took car in the gear shift selector worked fine, now it doesn't and sounds like the parking pin is broken. And they never even put it on the dyno!

    I paid them to do a tough job, I realize that but for them to just blow me off is the most unprofessional and chicken *$%# thing in the world. Has any one else had any kind of experience with Frankie and them at HP Tuners in Las Vegas? Does any one know where I can get quality programming done in LV. I was born and raised here in LV and Thought for sure this wouldn't be a problem, turns out Im wrong. Any comments or input is greatly appreciated.

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    I feel like it is worth mentioning that whatever group you dealt with has no affiliation with the company that owns this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akachilliewillie View Post
    ... experience with Frankie and them at HP Tuners in Las Vegas? ...

    Do you mean Frankie, at HP Specialists in Las Vegas ?

    Not remotely the same company as HP Tuners - LOL.

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    wow that is confusing