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Thread: Ford Racing Track Cal - MGTTC 13/14 Mustang GT

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    Ford Racing Track Cal - MGTTC 13/14 Mustang GT

    Hi all, new to. HPT. I've got a 2014 MT Mustang GT with a M-14204-MGTTC track cal ( essentially a red key tune for specially 13 & 14 GT manual cars built after a certain date)

    This tune has been very great, really woke up the car and added the cool lopey idle and other features from the red key..
    I don't plan for any motor mods or CAI or headers, etc. So this tune was ideal to my uses and had been reliable for the past couple years with heavy abuse and tracking the car at road course.

    Recently I decided to ditch the cats because they are heavy and car sounds better with an off road H pipe. So this has now become an issue for the tune.. I reached out to Ford Racing and they told me HPT would have the ability to keep the tune but turn off the rear o2 sensors. I reached out to HPT and they also confirmed this would work... So I coughed up the coin for the device and 2 credits and turns out it can't read the file. Checksum errors. Emailing support with the errors and file resulted in "we don't support this calibration" but I'm not giving up on this. If they are able to get the red key to work on boss 302 and searching the forums here it appears someone got the older Ford racing tune, pro cal, working as well... I reached out to Ford Racing Again and they told me to track down Eric here. So I've pm him but haven't gotten a response so I'm wondering if anyone here is able to decode this tune. Seems like Ford racing is willing to help on this as well. I got a contact from their team if needed.

    TLDR :
    Ford racing tune checksum error, HPT won't support this calibration at this time...
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