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Thread: Wastegate Setting For External Wastegate

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    Wastegate Setting For External Wastegate

    What should I set the wastegate settings to in order to bypass it? I have an aftermarket turbo with a turbosmart external wastegate. 2004.5 ctd. I have the fooler plugged into the solenoid harness, but I would like to set this in HP tuners correctly.
    2004.5 Cummins. BW300sxe turbo, BD T4 manifold, BD CAI, 5" turbo back exhaust, turbosmart ext wastegate, BD lift pump with 2 mic filter and h2o separator, banks intercooler, Banks intake horn, slightly built tranny.......

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    Shouldn?t need to do anything as you are no longer using the electronic wastegate solenoid. You don?t have anything to drive electronically. Control over your turbo is solely on manual boost elbow or similar and fueling/timing.

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    Ok. Thanks.