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Thread: 2014 f1505.0 coyote.. P0605 keep coming back help..

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    2014 f1505.0 coyote.. P0605 keep coming back help..

    hello guys ..not a tuner here .. a friend had some exhaust work done, and ask if I can tune a couple ting on his truck .. after the adjustments code P0605 started to pop up and after adjusting to no mil / no error reported code still comes up /// any help would be great / dodge guy here .. thanks on advance guys
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    Are you flashing calibration or "write entire?" I have had a few vehicles now that if I do calibration write only, it will not turn off some of the codes I disable. Doing a "write entire" corrected the problem.

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    it reads write calibration / and I now see write entire …. thank you so much Sweet35th pretty shure that's what it is .. going to try that after my friend gets off work today or tomorrow and report back ..

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    4.0 has a message that pops up before flashing strictly for P0605 on my F150. Says if you want a fast write then to disable the code. I did that and its fine.

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    I think its p0650 that pops up before flashing.