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Thread: New to HP tuners here questions....

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    New to HP tuners here questions....

    I have a 5.3 out of a 2002 suburban I'm wanting to swap into my street car. Question is do you recommend I buy the MPVI2 with 2 credits for $400 to start with or go another route? Newbe here so any help you guys can give a beginner would be great.

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    If you plan to tune it you will need a tuner. If you are swapping it to a car with trans and same axle ratio and are leaving everything stock then no. Assuming you are swapping and building a new harness to retrofit to car or piecing together the harnesses for ecm/tcm/etc. ? Whatever ecm/tcm you are using is the VIN you are purchasing the credits for. If you are tuning it with mods, buy a wideband. I use the AEM-30-0334 X-Series with OBD2.
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    You'll need the tuner just to make the stock computer run and to disabled all related codes for parts and sensors you are not using. Buying the MPVI2 and 2 credits will be required to do that.

    His wideband suggestion is a good one but your computer can't use the OBD2 port for logging the wideband, consider the cheaper AEM UEGO to monitor real time air fuel ratio's.
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