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Thread: 2016 Mustang GT Erotic Shifts FMEM VCT

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    2016 Mustang GT Erotic Shifts FMEM VCT

    I trying to figure out what is going on with my Mustang. Sometimes shifts and other times rev hangs between the shifts for a few sec and then slams in. VCT is in FMEM and i believe its some eletrical issue. We flashed the pcm back with ids and it did it even worse. It keeps getting a lost communication code to pam (Parking assist module to). All kinds of weird stuff going on. Attached is a log. Let me know if you see anything. Have flashed stock. No matter what tune is used it will do it. This is a whipple car
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    Another log

    Here is another log
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    Why is your accelerator pedal all over the place??? Is that you doing that?? Pedal all over the place, trans all over the place?