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Thread: Did My PCM reset itself ? credits back on account

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    Exclamation Did My PCM reset itself ? credits back on account

    Hello all,

    hoping to find any information on the situation ive come into. It seems like my account or pcm reset itself or something.
    I licensed a P01 pcm after i purchaced my mpvi2 with 2 credits last summer and have been changing my tune periodically since fall up until today. i used my credits on vehicle im trying to tune (3bar turbo 6.0 lq4 swap)
    i havent made adjustments to my tune in a few weeks and went out to change my tune today and read vehicle as normal, made the changes to my pcm, tried to write and the "you dont have a licence for this vehicle" window pops up.. so i resynced my interface to see if that would help and nothing changed. so i decided to go on the hptuners website to see what it says about my license's and it says i have 2 credits available to use. I only ever had 2 credits to begin with and they were used to license the pcm im trying to make changes to. i dont understand what happened? im fairly new to hptuners and tuning. but now it looks like i never tuned the pcm now or used my credits? doesnt make sense

    im worried if i relicense the pcm it will brick it or mess it up... ? has anyone ever heard of this happening before? did my accounts sync up wrong? Im afraid to keep trying to messing with it without some help or confirmation it wont damage pcm. I did Start a ticket, no response yet. anyone know some other things i could check?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    What is your ticket number?
    It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be done in two weeks...

    A wise man once said "google it"

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    Mine randomly did this same thing a couple months ago. I tried to write a file and got the same error. I also saw the credits had moved back to my account. I verified the VIN and OS numbers hadn't changed in the software, and just went ahead and reapplied the credits during the write process. It hasn't happened again. I think it might have occurred after a software or firmware update in my case.

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    Hey Bill thanks for the quick reply,
    I ended up getting it sorted out with Corey after he responded to my ticket.

    I sent him my suite info and he replied that all I needed to do was download the software update (version 4.2.?? I believe) then write vehicle again and all should be back to normal.

    Was worried id damage pcm by relicensing it, thankful that it didn't and I'm back to where I was before lol

    All good now 👍