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Thread: GM 8.1 Engine procharger recommendation

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    GM 8.1 Engine procharger recommendation

    I have a Yukon 8.1 with procharger for tune, i heard the 8.1 engine not strong enough for the procharger, and the recommendation is 5 psi max on this engine, advise me guys .

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    I know everything about the 8.1. Any boost will break stock pistons. Diamond has forged replacements for stock rods but you will need to upgrade to ARP rod bolts. 5psi might break the rods and might not. You can get better rods and pistons from Raylar or weisco but over 600 hp you will break the crank at the no1&2 rod journal. If you want boost on an 8.1 you should just buy the 511 stroker kit from Raylar then you can throw all the boost you want at it.