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Thread: 5.7 hemi swap, 6.4 cam tuning

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    5.7 hemi swap, 6.4 cam tuning

    Hey guys kinda a newbie here! I?m currently trying to finish up my 5.7 hemi swap in my 13 Jeep jku. I did an mds delete and added a 6.4 manual challenger vvt cam. I ordered a P5160105 mopar performance pcm that is unlocked! And was wondering if anyone had any info on where to start on tuning it before I fire it right up with a vvt 6.4 cam! I?m sure it would be okay to just start but don?t want to chance it! Didn?t know if anyone has ever done this time of tuning with this setup and was willing to help? Thanks!

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    I just finished tuning a 5.7 charger with a 6.4 Intake, Injectors, and cam. Wasn't that bad honestly

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    would you please share it with us to do compare

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    I work on the swap and begin with vct sttings. Just copy the 6.4 vvt settings with rpm - this maybe the basic.
    NN training value for cam.
    Torque based values should be 5-10% more.
    Shifting is 6.4 based.
    Injector rescaling would be the next while logging.