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Thread: Pantera efi ecu on 1987 Maserati Biturbox need tuner help!

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    Pantera efi ecu on 1987 Maserati Biturbox need tuner help!

    I?m posting here hoping someone can help. I own a 1987 Maserati Biturbo that had a Pantera efi ecu installed. Basically this eliminated the distributor and now is running 1 coil per plug. The installation is complete, the engine starts and runs. I have exhausted all searches to get a tuner to help me complete the installation. I need to fine tune timing,and especially the idle control valve operation. I?m in northern New Jersey and I?m hoping someone can help recommend a tuner that can help. Every time I call a shop and tell them what car it is, they are not interested. Most of the time they are only interested in plug and play systems for more modern cars. I did have a couple of tuners that looked at the system and said they can work on it, but they are booked solid and can?t take me. I have been at this for 6 months...please help.

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    try calling lance direct
    he is in Irvine Ca
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