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Thread: Twin turbo LFX

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    Twin turbo LFX

    Good morning .. just finished up installing overkill Cams and twin turbo on my 2010 Camaro V6 .. i have swapped out the LLT for an LFX with a Delphi ECU .. the cams are mace profile with an overdrive fuel lobe to keep up with turbos .. i just started working on the tune and im runnign into a negative timing at idle i have been playing with different tables with no luck. Idle>torque> External load change.. virtual torque change .. from what i read the actual torque is more than predicted so its using neg timing to pull power.. i could be wrong as i am not a tuner just know the basics.. any help would be great im also getting some missing on bank 2 when i force close loop off it pretty much makes it go away ive attached a log and tune 2013 LFX TT LLT Trans Cal Mod 1.hpt3min idle.hpl

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    Bump anyone??

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    post a log please

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    i did its in the first post