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Thread: Bad NBP Units on Interpolated CSV export

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    Bad NBP Units on Interpolated CSV export

    I just saw the NBP feature and had to give it a try.

    Works great!

    I even tried connecting 3 devices (iphone, ipad, android tablet) to 1 NBP device and they all synced up fine

    i noticed a difference between raw and interpolated exports. the interpolated export export has screwed up units for me but only on the NBP data. I'm using Track Addict pro v4.2.3 on iphone X OS v12.1.2

    heres a screenshot:

    Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 4.48.47 AM.png

    i also noticed that when my NBP data name for Speed was "Speed(MPH)" it couldn't be used. if i selected either Speed choice the program highlighted both with square braces and always used the GPS figure since it matched the GPS Speed name exactly. I just changed the NBP name to "Speedometer(MPH)" and it worked fine. not an issue for me....

    NBP is a Great addition to Track Addict, thanks!
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    Thanks for the report. I've been trying to replicate the problem here, as well as looking for possible causes in the code, but no luck so far in getting it to misbehave. Hopefully it was only a freak thing, but either way I'll be keeping an eye out for it...

    The Interpolated CSV export (as well as KML and VBO) is generated from a binary file that gets recorded alongside the Raw CSV file, so that would explain why one shows the issue for you but not the other.