I need a second opinion on a 24X/1X Gen3 tach setting used for a factory V12 car's tachometer. What high/low reference should be used for V12 tach?
The formula used would be 24/12x2 correct?
According this other thread, "The number of crankshaft medium resolution pulses (24x pulses) to hold the tach output high (should match {G1205} "Tach Pulses Low").
The number of output pulses P is calculated as P=24/(N*2) where N is the value of this calibration."

Sample values for this calibration:
For 4 pulses, use N= 3 (Note- 8 cylinder tach setting)
For 3 pulses, use N= 4 (Note- 6 cylinder tach setting)
For 2 pulses, use N= 6 (Note- LSx 8 cylinder & 4 cylinder tach setting)"

How would I know the N value, assuming it would be 2? I'm guessing this is really simple but this formula is confusing me, and I wanted a second opinion.