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Thread: gt500 map and tb issue

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    gt500 map and tb issue

    i have a 2008 shelby with a tvs and a vmp twin 67 tb. I am having two issues, one , somone deleted the egr and it is my understanding the map sensor is integral to the egr. has anyone been forced to "substitute" a map sensor from another ford i could plumb and pin in to get around this? and for the sake of lazyness (to be honest) does anyone have a known good throttle body model they care to share? pm if so , thank you in advance.
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    You need to add the sip sensor back in. It's the sensor on top of the egr valve. Google egr delete and svtperformance. There is a good write up on it.

    As for the throttle body data I am trying to find the same thing. I have the twin 65 data plugged in now but it's not as close as I want. Waiting for the ice and snow to melt so I can get some better logs to dial it in.
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    On 2010's-2014's anyway, they don't have a map sensor, your 2008 may not either.

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    can u post the 65mm data