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Thread: RaceRender Support?

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    RaceRender Support?

    So...where are you supposed to go for RaceRender support?

    I posted several questions here over a month ago. I carefully read all the documentation and thought they were reasonable questions/requests.

    I didn't expect a response over the holidays but it had now been over a month and not a single response from the developers. Can someone tell me where I can get help?


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    This probably is the best place to ask those types of questions. If Weston doesn't have an answer, then sometimes other members can provide feedback. Using GoPro videos as data makes life a bit more difficult. When using a CSV for data, then it's pretty easy to simply append multiple files or manipulate however you like (e.g. for reading a single large CSV and outputting multiple autocross laps with additional fields such as Boost or Distance from Start). I'm not sure what data extraction RaceRender is using to retrieve data from the video files themselves, or what interpolation is being provided on top of that.

    I've seen plenty of YouTube videos of GoPro footage that outputs directly onto the video. If RaceRender can't provide what you're looking for, would the GoPro app provide a decent alternative?

    Every few months (especially right before an update), Weston will provide a lot of feedback on the forum about updates that are coming or potential solutions to individual problems.