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Thread: Insufficient Fuel Flow 2019 mustang GT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill88stang View Post
    Mine originally tune that was done for me before I started to learn on my own all the dd tables were bumped up quite a bit, I?ve seen several tunes where they were all left alone. What?s the proper way to modify them? Modify the whole table or just the wot portion?
    Off subject, but on mine, seems the larger tb I go with, the more they need adjusting for drivibility, down low speed.
    Wot doesn't matter, since it transitions to wot before the table gets there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veeefour View Post
    Usually DD changes trigger that limit from what I can tell.

    +1, still cant figure out why though

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    I've always seen this when the SD was limited in calculating the MAP. The injector data relies on the calculated MAP and inferred rail pressure to determine how much the injectors are flowing. if you hit the pumps max duty cycle, not likely in the return style system if you have it set up correctly, or the MAP hits a limit you will get an insufficient fuel flow condition.
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