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Thread: HFv6 info

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    HFv6 info

    I've been trying to find any info on how to properly tune the 3.6 HFV6 VVT cams properly but can't seem to find anything. My setup is using the E77 ECM which is Bosch
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    Small changes, over different driving conditions and environments.
    To help chart your changes in the scanner the PIDs I would have on side are;
    Air Load (MAP), MAF, Cam angle gauges - Intake bank 1&2, Exhaust bank 1&2, Engine Load and the Base essentials RPM, Speed etc...….

    Each time you 'key-on" the engine will go thru CAT warmup schedule for about 5 minutes or so - so variable cam timing is parked, that you can chart thru the scanner and relevant PIDs
    The biggest piece of information that I recommend is getting hold of workshop manual of your engine, one that details the valvetrain, what it looks like, how its set, the actuator functions limitations and technical specs.
    Keep in mind any changes you make in cam timing, will effect other aspects of your tune.
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