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Thread: Torque app + Racerender problem!

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    Torque app + Racerender problem!

    My csv file is 6,15 min long but when I upload it to Racerunner it only gets 6,15 sec long. How do I fix that?

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    RaceRender uses one of the time fields in order to determine how long the file is. For Torque, the "Device Time" field controls how long the segment is. Make sure that the difference between the first row and last row for this field is at least 6 min 15 sec (perhaps the Euro period/comma vs US comma/period is confusing it?). If you can post a link to your file in Google Drive or similar, I'm more than willing to take a look.

    Side note: RaceRender works decently with Torque, but I'd highly recommend using TrackAddict since it's made by the same group. Exports from TrackAddict work quite well with RaceRender. I personally use RaceChrono since it supports the GPS that I'm using, but I run it through a small program to get the parameters that I want like parsing the file for the laps as well as specific parameters like Boost (