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Thread: 2017 GMC Acadia DoD disactivation

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    2017 GMC Acadia DoD disactivation

    Customer complains of vibration in driveline when DoD (V4) mode is active. I pulled the tune file and the drop down box for DoD is set to disable already? Anyone ran into this

    2017 GMC Acadia.hpt

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    there is a sps calibration update for the ecm to address this issue

    Edit: If anyone wants to know how the system is setup here ya go...
    Active Fuel Management System: The Active Fuel Management System (AFM) consists of the camshafts, valves, the switching roller finger followers (SRFF), also known as the valve switching rocker arm, the dual feed hydraulic lash adjusters and the oil control valve (OCV) which is also known as the valve rocker arm oil control valve.
    Depending on engine RPM, the ECM sends a signal to the OCV commanding it either ON or OFF.
    With the AFM system ON, the OCV directs oil to the dual feed hydraulic lash adjuster unlatching the switching roller finger followers creating zero lift and not allowing the valves to open on cylinders two and five. AFM is active at this time.
    With the AFM system OFF, the OCV is not active and no oil is directed to the dual feed hydraulic lash adjuster. The switching roller finger followers operate as normal rocker arms. AFM is inactive at this time.
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    I am curious if you resolved the DOD showing "Disabled".

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    Yea. So I had my 18 Colorado v6 tuned and the dod was “disabled” but it still happened.
    So I found a thread/video (can’t remember) where it said to change the parameters of when it would be activated and for how long.
    So I put two of the parameters where the engine would never be. It was like rpm had to be below 600 or something. I can’t remember at the moment because I’m away from my laptop with the tune.
    But once I did that, no more DoD.