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Thread: 2012 tundra

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    2012 tundra

    So im finally getting around to tuning my tundra. its a 2012 with jba longtubes an injen intake and 2.5 magnaflow dual in dual out exhaust.
    this pull was done with the stock tundra tune off hp tuners only mods were the speed limiter and to keep it from downshifting. in 4th gear
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    2017 mustang gt

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    at 86-88 lambda the kr feedback started adjusting from -3 to -4 timing was at 26 wot and dropped to 23.5. following the same timing I'm commanding and actually and additional degree from commanded. I will zero out the vct timing at higher loads to make sure theres no additional timing being added from there as im still trying to figure out how the knock feedback works.
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    2017 mustang gt

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    so with 9 gallons of 87 and the rest 91 I tapped out at max power of 365 and with colder iats. with a lambda of .84 I still need to work on the tune but I will leave it at that until I can get a full tank of 91 in. I was starting to mess with the vct but until I can figure out a better way of going at the fuel I will leave the truck as it sits.
    2017 mustang gt