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Thread: Built NAG-1/A580 harsh shifting at low loads

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    Built NAG-1/A580 harsh shifting at low loads

    Hi guys,

    I've done my fair share of stock 5 and 8 speeds but this is my first built A580. It's an Extreme Automatics transmission with a 3000rpm stall.

    I've flashed this thing probably 20+ times and no matter what I've done, I can't seem to get the shifts to be polite at lower loads. I spoke with Lonnie, at Extreme Automatics, who was awesome to talk to! Very nice guy, but he's not a tuner so he wasn't able to give me much insight.

    At even 15-20% throttle the shifts are almost uncomfortable and the owner of the truck is requesting it to drive nicer which I understand. Has anyone had good luck with this issue?

    All i need is to be pointed in the right direction!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Does it have blue top solenoids?

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    Post the tune file.
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    My guess is blue top solenoids vs brown tops. If it's got blue tops, you'll never be able to make a software change bc it'll be a hardware issue. Those things are beastly.

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    Best thing to do is leave the converter unlocked in 1 and 2, lock in 3rd. Thatll make all low speed driving dreamy. I don't recommend it for anything over 700whp though, as i have seen the converter struggle to lock up in 3rd gear during a wot pull.