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Thread: Long Render time and low cpu utilization - what's up!?

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    Long Render time and low cpu utilization - what's up!?


    I've recently made the switch from Dashware. I'm trying to render gauges chroma-keyed for inclusion into a sony vegas project and what I am seeing on my system is cpu utilization below 30%, video processor below 30% and a 3 hour render time. If I am not disk, cpu or gpu constrained (intel 8700k 6 core, 12 thread, 32gb ram) then why isn't Racerender able to peg the CPU? The problem is bad at a 1080p render and is much worse to the point of being unusable at 2160p (my native format). Any suggestions? I'm using the h264 renderer.


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    I'm assuming that the rendering is just single-threaded. I've noticed that my own renders take one core fully with a few other cores doing miscellaneous tasks for other programs. So yes, you might have 6 cores, but only one is likely being used.

    This isn't too much of an issue for me since I'm only rendering about a minute of video each time, but for someone rendering a 20-30 minute track session, then I could see that becoming a much bigger deal.

    I'd love to see an update that includes multi-threaded rendering, GPU rendering, and/or other performance improvements like reading the entire video files into memory (especially being a programmer myself). Synchronization issues and added complexity would likely make the program a lot less stable though...