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Thread: Question on Hp tuners DFCO / CFCO 2016 camaro 2SS M6. Need more burble / pops on dece

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    Vlad95, you are in Basic view. Change to the Advance view by going to 'Edit->View-Advanced'.

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    Thank you very much. I was able to adjust the table and it definitely pops now. I have one question tho, right now it only pop once u get off throttle. Is there anything that could be adjusted that would allow it to pop just on decel like the 19s do. For example if you were to downshift.

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    My 17 used to pop and bang real hard on downshifts without adjusting for it. Technically the same thing should work in the areas of downshifting but I haven't tested if it affects drive-ability. You will need to datalog the car when going through the downshifts and see what torque mangement advance is doing and reference against the cells in the areas of the same tables you adjusted. Also, if when you're downshifting the RPM's exceed the areas in the minimum spark table that you've adjusted, you will need to lower them for the higher RPM ranges too.

    I put my entire .12 and lower to 5 degrees once and the car sounded like a machine gun on decel and downshift at any RPM. It was so obnoxious I had to pull over and adjust the tune.
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    That?ll get you some attention. 😂

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    Is there anything like the GenIVs DFCO Delay to define a certain time when all DFCO conditions are met, before it will shut off the fuel?
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