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Thread: Speedometer/Odometer Calibration?

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    Speedometer/Odometer Calibration?

    I am having trouble wrapping my head around how to get my speedo and odometer to function correctly. The math is simple and I've got all the data but I am at a loss as to how the factory tune "works". I'm working on a 2007 LE5 Ecotec (E67 ecm) with a Getrag F23 manual transmission . The final drive gear ratio is 3.84 and the tires are 24.6" (P215/45ZR17") The picture contains the base tune values which appear to all be incorrect except the [ECM] 9002 - VSS Pulses Per Rev at 29.000. I've been searching around on the forums and found a post or two that are very old but I just cant wrap my head around the programming.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Go to edit on the top tool bar and select tire and gear wizard. There you just enter tire size and gear ratio and you can choose to calibrate speedo and transmission shift points. The tool will do the math for you.