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Thread: What happened to my account??

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    What happened to my account??

    When I try to access my account (not the forum, my suite account), using either of my two active email accounts, interface ID, or my username here, I get Invalid username or email. I try to reset my password (that I know is correct already), and I get the same message!! I haven't logged in for probably over a year, and the entire site layout has changed since I last logged in.. What happened? Was there some account migration that I missed?? I'm still using V3.6 and want to install the latest version, but I'm unable to access my license keys because of this.

    Nevermind. Ended up just creating a new account with the old keys.
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    I assume there is a sticky about this? I have the same question.

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    new website has been up for about a year now, you will need to register on the new website if you have not already done so.
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