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Thread: Sos tune is butchered need help please

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    Sos tune is butchered need help please

    It?s getting better for the one I am running now but it is butchered and need help anyone VE Table trans shift points timing everything
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    Never tuned the VE in a 3800, never had a need too because it's a MAF based tune.

    You are pretty vague with your typing, what are you even asking here?

    Timing looks fine, other than you making them the same. Which you shouldn't do, low octane needs to have less timing in case the engine knocks.

    Get a wideband into the logs, then you can calibrate the MAF curve to get fueling corrected. Log your commanded AFR along with the wideband. Creating a wideband error can be done from there, those values can be put into the tune to adjust fueling as needed.
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    Why are your transmission pressures set to 0? And why are you commanding 11:1 in PE? Is there something wrong with the stock calibration?