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Thread: Twin turbo Chevelle questions

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    Twin turbo Chevelle questions

    Currently car has a FiTech 1200 and MSD 6014 box. It's a Gen 3 6.0 bored .60 over with 24X tooth reluctor. 4L80 setup with MSD controller. I would like to change over to harness and injector setup with GM ECU. My question is which ECU should I get? I want to be able convert over to SD 3 bar or at least 2.5 setup. Thanks in advance.

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    Early P01 LS computers would be a good bet.

    Like 2001-2002 camaro/firebird computers.

    2000-2002 silverado/sierra computers, in pretty much any flavor from 4.8/5.3/6.0 engines.

    Those would all be drive by cable computers as well. I'd pick your harness based on which vehicle/computer you get it from.
    2016 Silverado CCSB 5.3/6L80e, not as slow but still heavy.

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