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Thread: OP vct on 2018+ Gt

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    OP vct on 2018+ Gt

    What are you guys doing with vct? The stock op angles are incredibly similar to the values that I have for gen 2 cars stock. I have moved them around a little and found no change to the positive in airflow, other than maybe just a very small margin on the intake side at 7500+ rpm. And I mean marginal. I'm curious as to whether you guys are seeing the same trend as I am.

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    I’m curious as well I’m about to do a 19 manual Gt on the 24th of this month it will be after doing long tubes and exhaust and a jlt. I was curious if anyone had any recommendations to this as well. This will be my first gen 3 just wondered if they are handled mostly like gen 2’s. Was just not sure where they could use some adjustments in the op cam table as well.