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Thread: RPM REDLINE Notification

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    RPM REDLINE Notification

    When on track and nearing redline, is there an option to set in TrackAddict to blink a RED Light when you hit a certain RPM level?

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    Yes, if you have an OBD-II device connected, you can opt to set one of the data boxes in the left panel (displayed on the Camera Preview and Record screens) to display RPM and set it to alert when above the desired RPM. It will then flash the box red when above that level. By default, it will also play the alert sound when that happens, but you can choose to turn that off by going to the Options screen (tap the gear / 'i' icon below the logo on the main setup screen) and setting "Alerts:" to Silent.

    The catch to all this is that the performance is going to vary depending on you vehicle, OBD-II device, and how many other OBD-II data channels you have selected. It may not be very responsive if a large number of channels are being queried, or if the vehicle or OBD-II device just don't communicate very fast.