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Thread: Multiple Cameras (3)

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    Multiple Cameras (3)

    If I have my IPhone on the windshield mount with the camera on facing me and my GOPRO camera on my cage bar facing forward between the seats controlled by TrackAddict, can I autostart an Iphone 6 that is rear facing mounted through the back window? If there a way to autostart this additional camera? Other cameras?

    Any automated options or just manual start and syncronize later?

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    At this time, the most we can automatically control is 1 camera on the phone (front or back), and 1 supported external camera such as a GoPro (when you are on its WiFi network). I do hope to revisit the idea of recording from 2 cameras on the phone now that its better supported by modern mobile operating systems, but as for external cameras, we will likely still be limited to just 1 there for a while.