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Thread: 6r80 tcc map?

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    6r80 tcc map?

    Anyone knows what do this means on 1st & 2nd gear means? TCC map.png

    What if I lock the TCC at 2nd gear do I need to edit all the unlock and slip value to 0 ?

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    Is that your stock table? I had the same question too. The lock values are all very high for 3rd and higher gears, but the TCC clearly locks up (0/minimal slip) at WOT and even cruising.

    I believe 1st gear cannot lock up, and I forgot about 2nd gear. I know on the older 4R70W you cannot lock in 1st, but you can in 2nd and beyond although it impacts driveability in 2nd gear at part throttle (again this was 4R70W).