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Thread: Afr500v2 AFR units off..

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    Afr500v2 AFR units off..

    I just bought the Ballenger AFR500v2 with the NTK calibrate it grade sensor. If I choose on the scanner the ballenger - AFR500 its off by like a point, if I choose the ballenger AFR500v2 it?s off by like 4 points. I search around there?s a thread where they input a function that ballenger send but it?s the same one and it?s off by 4 points. Who had fix this problem??

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    I?m in the same boat. Subscribed for a solution. Pretty sure it?s in the math and I may try a few that have been posted. Or work it backwards.

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    The Ballenger has a 9-16 AFR range as standard. Are you selecting it, or are you selecting the wide range one?

    Another thing to test, is remove the wide band from the channels. Then just insert the MPVI volts. Next start the car and start scanning. Then connect the wide band to the battery. Now the you should see 1 volt until 15 sec, 4 volts for another 5 sec, and 0 volts for the next 5 sec.

    Did you check the free air calibration?

    Russ Kemp