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Thread: Torque Ramp. Table To Control Ramp Speed ?????

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    Torque Ramp. Table To Control Ramp Speed ?????

    After all these years I'm surprised after the many HP Tuners software updates I still haven't seen a table pop up.

    Automatic Transmissions. Mine being the 6L80E? 6-Speed. You can set what type of Torque Management is uses Torque Ramp, Speed Control etc.

    Now on Torque Ramp, you'll notice it just pulls a bucketload of timing based on your timing table in the ECU for how much to pull for torque management etc but it takes FOREVER to recover that timing and ramp back up to normal.

    Mine seems to take .4 either side of the stick ..... so .4 to cut timing to the level set and .4 to take it out and ramp back to proper timing..... so nearly a whole second of plain annoyance.

    Is there a table to adjust the ramp speeds.... obviously I'd atleast like to cut .1 of a second off each side.
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    my ute at wot pulls timing out & back in under .020 seconds for pretty much all gears on torque ramp.

    Thats with 620whp.