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Thread: t87a - 2019 camaro 10speed

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    t87a - 2019 camaro 10speed

    Sent a tcm to get unlocked.

    Installed it, now I don't have PRDL and have some codes.
    Dash keeps prompting to put in park, but there is no indicator - like when you install a new 6l80e and the tcm needs programming, a fresh/blank tcm.

    I haven't tried to flash it, read it again, etc, just installed it and wanted to see if it worked. It doesn't.

    Any suggestions?
    Any procedure I'm not aware of maybe?

    I have an mdi and stuff, so i can perform a procedure if needed.


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    Did you follow the TCM rewrite procedure using the scanner?

    Email Tunes, PM me for more info
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