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Thread: Best Training/Course for new Tuners??

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    Best Training/Course for new Tuners??

    I have been a mechanic for the Air Force for a little over a decade now but I am completely new to the tuning side of things. I got into this because the Trans Am I put together got a shit tune and then the guy stopped responding to me, so there went several hundred bucks... anyhow, I have always wanted to get into the tuning aspect of things but this was my nudge to go ahead and bit the bullet and I bought the new MPVI2 PRO and now I need to learn how to use it correctly. I know that the tuning school is out there and it's an option but what else is out there as pertains to training/course options for someone who works fulltime and has 3 kids that do sports 4-5 nights a week? As always, there are budget constraints as well. I'm not trying to break the bank but I also want quality material so that I can learn as much as possible. If anyone has had a good or bad experience with training, please throw it out there. any info is greatly appreciated.

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    It seems to me The Tuning School spent a great deal of time compiling very concise instructions on how to safely use the software. All that information is already out there, on forums, youtube and whatnot. Are you willing to spend the time searching or do you want the raw deal?

    If it's any consolation I'm in the same boat and don't want to throw down the cash for the course. Another option could be to find a local tuner that's willing to show you the ropes at a speed shop or dyno place or what have you. If those guys make their livelihood on it you can bet they know what they're doing over some Internet goon.
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