I have the latest beta.

Recently tried to borrow a table from a stock tune I have from a 2014 Challenger SRT A8 to use in a 2014 Ram 1500, and the layout/tables for the challenger is COMPLETELY different than the truck tables. There are options like line pressure, fast fill times, tons of shift scheduling tables, TC tables and lots of other stuff that's non existent on the truck's calibration. When I first tuned the truck, I borrowed a couple TCC tables from the stock challenger file to use in the truck, and the layouts/parameter options were exactly the same, but with different values. You could open the truck file, and the challenger file as a compare file and you could easily switch between them. Now it's like I'm looking at two completely different vehicles and the compare function only works on like 4 things.

So I have a question, the truck has been tuned since tuning was released for the 14s, is there an OS update or something where the layout for the cars can be used on the trucks since it is the same transmission? Am I missing something simple like needing to re flash it to stock and redo it?