Here's a copy of my tune and a recent log file from it. First time tuning a 6.0 in my 2005 f250. I picked at some of the other tunes on here for 6.0s and this is meant to be a good fun tune, nothing I would tow with I don't think, I'll make a separate tow tune. In my log it's cruising, then some uphill, and you can see at the end I lay into it pretty good. Atleast from what I've gathered it seems good..maybe add some more inj PW as its only seeing about 1.6? How's everything else look to you guys? Thanks in advance, just trying to learn these trucks.

FYI, my truck is studded, stock inj and stock turbo (as far as I know)

EBP 0 at idle.hptMy F250 cruise, uphill, and WOT log.hpl