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Thread: 15 EU, LT Headers, Temp and additional and some additional settings.

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    15 EU, LT Headers, Temp and some additional settings.

    Hi Folks,

    recently I have installed my LT Headers (wrapped) and made some minor adjustments as best as I can because I'm new to this and have not as much exp. as many of you guys.

    I try to enhance my knowledge every day, but I'm still at LVL 1 in this tuning game, therefore I try to do small steps and only changing things that I understand (or nearly understand ) atm.

    Asking kindly if some of You can review my settings and maybe have some additional hints/tips ?

    - 15 GT (EU Spec)
    - 90% on 91 RON | 95 ROZ/85 MOZ

    - Kooks Headers with 200 HJS cats
    - Mishimoto Silicone Intake Tube/Hose
    - Velossa + Stock Intake Housing + K&N HF Filter

    What I have changed so far:

    Headers: Kooks LT + 200 Cat
    - Transport Delay = +20%
    - Flange Temp Control = Disabled

    - PEnrichment Pedal = 70%
    - PEnrichment Rate = 0.5

    - Passby = Disabled (EU = default enabled)
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