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Thread: 34229 - FA Power Enrich table select

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    34229 - FA Power Enrich table select

    I don't even see this in some calibration files.

    Does this actually choose either/or from the two tables as specified?


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    I believe its either.. you choose which one to use. either buy aircharge or pratio..

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    That?s what it says, but I am doubtful that is what it actually does.

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    if im not mistaken it uses either table as a multiplier for your FAR and both tables should match when tuned in NN.. petable.png

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    These are my factory tables, NN is on and they obviously do not match. Also since the load axis is different, even if the table data is the same, they are actually different.

    It's also an adder to FA and not a multiplier.

    I'm asking because if you could switch to PR on a boosted application, that seems useful. But I do not see any boosted tunes out there that have done this.


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    Your tune is one of the first tunes I have seen with the actual switch, most tunes just have both tables with no switch and out of habit we set both to have equivalent FA adder ratios.

    Why do you doubt the switch would work? I don't find it any harder to tune by aircharge versus pressure ratio as you can easily log both and generally speaking MOST hemi setups run similar aircharge at a given boost level, so they end up being close to the same difficulty to rescale and tune by.