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Thread: new to tuning. timing above commanded?

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    new to tuning. timing above commanded?

    sorry if i missed something stupid simple. very new to tuning. but started with my bone stock air filter to tailpipe 2002 sierra 2500hd 6.0 4l80e. i do have an exhaust manifold leak(assuming the cause of the slight high fuel trim).
    purchased wide band but have not hooked up yet.
    at about 48s into scan i have knock at about 4k and .78cyl g. reading 22*, but in my high octane timing table it shouldnt be that high there...... and yes my table needs a lot of smoothing.
    help appreciated
    been reading and watching videos for weeks now before i even licensed ecm. sorry if it a dumb question.

    what am i missing?
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    There are adder tables to the main spark map...Engine >Spark >Advance / Base Corrections ...Fuel,IAT,ECT...
    try a scan with this channel list...
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