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Thread: VCM Editor Functional Improvements

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    VCM Editor Functional Improvements


    I'm very new to tuning but have put in a few hrs already with 100s of mods to my tune files for my vehicles.
    Was wondering about a few possible areas for improvement when it comes to manipulating logged tables.

    1) Can we get a redo button in the toolbar? Currently I just see an Undo. Would be handy for lets say repeat small increments in parts of a table.
    2) When I copy lets say my LTFTs from the scanner over into VE Bank1, I can clearly see which cells have changed. It would be nice to be able to smooth the whole table without affecting the recently copied cells. Instead one have to work every other cell outside of the copied ones which takes a lot of time and also introduce more possible errors.
    3) Is there a way to insert some of the great excel based tools / calculators out there in the toolbar. Yes I have also created my own for InjPW & TB Airflow + Small + Large.
    4) Is is possible to add another a 3rd or 4th file for comparison at the same time.

    The HP Tuner's suite is a great tool and I really appreciate the support I have been getting from your engineering team on my custom Jeep / ECU etc.

    I believe the above features will help new and more advanced tuners to quickly get to the desired values.

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    Good suggestions Mouritz, but forums posts would only help you get more support from the community.

    To have HPT consider adding these things, you need to email them: