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Thread: LFX Camaro Need some Help Please

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    LFX Camaro Need some Help Please

    I have a 2013 Camaro V6 A6. I have been doing some tuning since installing a CAI and catless downpipes with a full exhaust. I installed a lc-2 wideband and did my first 3rd gear WOT pull and I'm seeing a few things that I have questions about. I have attached the log file and tune for reference. The WOT pull is between the 6:55 and 7:20 mark of the run.

    My first question is the car dropping out of PE at around 5600 RPM. I'm fairly certain I did not let off the pedal but my TPS dips to 72.4%. Is this a torque management thing? I'm a bit lost on the various throttle PIDs and what is actually what.

    Second, getting a lot of knock retard, but the scan is only showing my timing advance at 3.0 (7:11 on scan)

    The car pulls good then flattens out around the 4-5800 rpm then takes off like a rocket. Has done this since it was stock. I bought the car with 58000 miles. Put the intake and exhaust on and 2 weeks ago I ran a 14.7 1/4 mile at 97. I know stock these things can do low 14/high 13. Any help would be appreciated.
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    What's your email I'll send you a good channels file to log appropriate pids.. most of the time if the throttle is closing the driver demand table map a will fix it

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    lower your thresholds for power enrichment in enable torque and enable pedal to <50%
    Id bet a dollar your getting knock because its lean not entering/staying in power enrichment