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Thread: 2015 2.0 Fusion Ecoboost Tuning. Problems increasing boost

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    2015 2.0 Fusion Ecoboost Tuning. Problems increasing boost

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to tune this Fusion, but I"m not managing to increase boost. I even have bought a tune file from a developer that claims that his file is tested and has good results, but the only change I'm getting is the AFR. Boost is behaving exactly like the stock. From what I can see every limiter that could be holding the boost has been changed properly, but nothing happens. In the log the torque source is always "Driver Demand" when I put the foot down, and the desired TIP is much higher than the actual after about 4000 rpms. Can anyone have a look in the file and help me on this?

    I'm sending attached the stock and modified files and stock and modified logs

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    You may want to try increasing IPC TQ limits in Torque Model->Monitoring the Torque Maximum table and MAP Maximum and see if that might help.

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    I didn't bother to look at the files, but I would bet your WGDC is maxed out around that same RPM too. This is tyipcal of FoST's too. However there's no real point in exceeding ~16-17psi at redline anywho on the stock turbo.