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Thread: OBD Link LX not connecting

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    OBD Link LX not connecting

    Car: 2005 Nissan - 350z Anniversary Edition
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7

    I bought the OBD Link LX blue tooth adapter recommended per the track addict website.

    I can get the phone to connect to the adapter.
    I can get the OBD Link software to connect to the car and read info.

    I Can NOT get the Track Addict program to connect to the blue tooth adapter. I've tried to connect it a dozen or more times and it will not.

    Any advice?
    I can still send back the OBD Link LX if it is not compatible.

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    A few things to check first:

    1) The vehicle's engine should be running, or at least ignition on. We likely wont get a connection if the car is only in accessory mode.

    2) Tap on the 'i' gear icon on the left of the main screen to access the Options screen, go down to the OBD section, ensure that it is set to Bluetooth, and the button below it shows your OBD device selected.

    3) Make sure that Torque and any other OBD apps are not running. Some of these may keep a connection active in the background, so they need to be shut all the way down.

    4) If TrackAddict is set to use a Bluetooth GPS or NBP device, it may need to establish those connections before it will be able to connect to the OBD device. This is an oddity with the Android platform, which we're able to mitigate in most cases, but that varies by device and sometimes it can take a little time. If your external GPS or NBP devices are not present and turned on, it's best to just turn off those settings in TrackAddict, so that the connection priority can be given to your Bluetooth devices that are present (such as OBD).

    5) Tap on the OBD indicator at the bottom to see if it shows any useful messages or tips. Sometimes it's able to detect certain issues and will display that when you access this dialog.

    Is the OBD indicator turning yellow for a bit, and the going back to red? If so, it would seem to have found the Bluetooth connection but can't talk to the vehicle. There are a few things you can do to potentially resolve that:

    1) Again, make sure the vehicle's engine is running.

    2) Access the OBD Options menu by tapping on the 'i' gear icon on the left of the main screen to access the Options screen, going down to the OBD section, then tapping on the 'i' gear icon there:

    . a) "Disable Auto Protocol" can be useful on some vehicles that have more than one communication protocol in use (which the 350z does).

    . b) "Disable Advanced Features" will try to simplify the connection process.

    . c) If all else fails, tap on "Show Connection Info" after an unsuccessful connection attempt (indicator was yellow, then goes back to red) and let us know what it says.

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    Seems to be working fine now.