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Thread: Wideband gauge and hptuners with ONE analog output

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    Wideband gauge and hptuners with ONE analog output

    Maye I'm just overthinking this, but I'm interested to know if I can use the sole wideband analog linear output wire and run that to both my wideband gauge input AND hptuners input?

    I've been using a LC-2 wideband since it has TWO analog outputs, but I'm fed up with it. It sucks. I've been faithful to it for years because of the two outputs, but I need to try something else. It is not reliable and the sensors keep failing.

    This is for a permanent install. All the other wideband controllers I see for sale only have one analog linear output and one simulated narrowband output (not sure if I can use that for my gauge).
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    Look at the AEM gauges. Their is no controller as the gauge itself is the controller. It only has one output but that's all you need since the gauge doesn't need it. It's easier to install as well. Just one power and ground vs LC-2 needing power and ground for the gauge and the controller.