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Thread: Supercharger base tune

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    Supercharger base tune

    Is there anyone out there that has a basic tune for a supercharger (around 6-8psi) I can copy until I get a mail order tune from ECS? I installed the basic ESC supercharger kit on my 2008 LS3 corvette A6. I have LT headers, ported throttle body, ECS 1500 (no meth), 1.85 rockers. I just need something close so I can move my car around safely. Yeah I am a rookie. I dont want to take any chances. So Im asking the experts. I need to learn the software better before I make my changes.
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    You could put it in MAF only and it would be reasonably close, if you just need to move it around, stay out of the throttle. Put MAF enable rpm to 300 and disable to 200.